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Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours

Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours 11 days

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Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours 11 days

11 Days - 10 Nights

Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours

♥ 11 Days Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours → Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours, enjoy Peru’s and Ecuador’s must-see destinations. This includes a tour of Lima’s historical sights, a tour of Cusco: the Capital of the Ancient Inca Empire, and Machu Picchu: the lost city on the Incas.

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Dream vacations made by hand when you need to escape from the routine, Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours 11 days is the best option, Peru with the most impressive Andes Mountains with history to discover in each place where you are going to stay. Machu Picchu with incredible landscapes located in the cloud forest gives you a lifetime

Experience at the same time enjoying the gastronomy that Peru offers, part of the amazing Itinerary is another natural reserve of Ecuador Galapagos islands cruising into the island with the greatest activities that every day will be a memorable experience. 

Day 01 Arrival in Lima

Firstly when you land in Lima our Qosqo Expeditions representative will be there to greet you to start the adventure at Lima drive from the airport to the downtown Lima hotel this first day will be a relaxing time at your leisure to explore the surrounding Miraflores district of Lima, in the late afternoon, we will tour to Larco Museum the largets and the worlds famous pottery collection and welcome dinner the first day enjoy the Peruvian gastronomy, back to the hotel for overnight stay.

Lima - Peru
Lima -Perú

Day 02 Arrival in Cusco

early morning we will pick you up from the hotel to get our domestic flight from Lima to Cusco 1 hour to get to the capital of the Inca Empire, at your arrival we will greet you at the airport to start heading to the hotel to get you to settle and get some Coca Tea to get hydrated and time to explore and relax afternoon time at your leisure with all the information on what to do around Cusco.  


Day 03 Cusco City Tour

Very interesting day to explore Cusco with our local expert guide Cusco city tour visiting the highlights out of the city and temple into the city that included the San Pedro Market full of history and traditions afternoon free to continue exploring at your leisure overnight stay. 

Cusco Atractivos
Cusco City Tour

Day 04 the Sacred Valley of the Incas

today we drive from Cusco into the heart of the Sacred Valley with a first stop at the Alpaca farm Awana Kancha to experience the local textile and feeding the South American Camels, late morning visiting Pisac Archeological site the most impressive Incan Architecture design, enjoy the history and the Pisac Market the most colorful market with diverse of handcraft from Peru in one place, continue for lunch at the recommended restaurant before we explore Ollantaytambo living museum archeological site enjoy the afternoon tour before we are heading to the hotel into the sacred valley overnight stay. 

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Day 05 Machu Picchu Tour

Full day tour to Machu Picchu, early start with 2-hour train ride to Machu Picchu town at your arrival we will get a shuttle bus to get to the lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu once you get into Machu Picchu archeological site you will have many options and timing to explore our local tour guide expert will lead you through the history discovering every place without missing anything from Machu Pícchu once you finish the tour lunch at the Machu Picchu town before you get the train back to Cusco for overnight stay. 

Machu Picchu Luxury Tour
Machu Picchu Tour

Day 06 Arrival in Guayaquil

The adventure continues getting the fly from Cusco to Lima and Lima to Ecuador   Guayaquil at your arrival our representative will greet you at the airport to start an amazing adventure, once you get settled at the hotel you are going to have time at your leisure to explore Guayaquil highlights at the most colonial places and enjoy the food at the recommended restaurants. 

Cusco-to-Lima-and-the-LimaPeru to Guayaquil Ecuador

Day 7  Begin Galapagos Cruise Santa Cruz Highlands. 

This morning we will start the tour by getting our domestic flight from Guayaquil to Baltra Island after your arrival and lunch on board, we will visit the interesting HIGHLANDS OF SANTA CRUZ, where we will hike and encounter giant tortoises in their natural habitat, a natural wonder. For this visit, we recommend using sport shoes, long pants, a raincoat, hat, and sunblock.

Day 8 Galapagos Cruise Floreana Cormorant Point  

Wet landing, snorkeling, and short trekking. This point is located west of Floreana Island and it is famous for its dark green beach (due to the great number of olivine crystals). You can see many marine invertebrates, as well as sea lions, sea iguanas, frigates, and pelicans. Devil´s Crown: Activities in this place: panga ride and optional swimming. Enjoy a panga ride around a small island, a satellite islet of Floreana Island. Here, we will find a group of rocks that resemble a Crown due to the constant erosion caused by the snorkeling a better place to snorkel (shallow diving) in the interior and around the crown.

Excellent visibility allows guests to admire a great variety of fish and sea animals. Lunch Floreana – Post Office: (Mail Bay): Wet landing. Activities: short walk, swimming, snorkeling, explanation of the mail system. Description: Mail Bay is located on the north side of Floreana Island. Captain James Colnett installed an empty barrel to be used as a post office for the whaling fleets that stopped at the Galapagos Islands. You can leave postcards to your friends and relatives here and/or pick up mail to deliver. Back at the ship, Delicious snacks. 

Day 9  Galapagos Cruise Española Suarez Point Dry landing. Activities.

Walking, sightseeing. We recommend sports shoes, a hat or cap, and sunscreen. There is no more outstanding color in this tropical desert island than that of the blue-foot boobies. These birds have an impressive form of “greeting” and it is a real thrill to see their mating dance. The blue-footed booby can be seen on several islands as nesting grounds and feed is located in several coastal locations.

The albatross, an aristocratic bird weighing up to four kilograms, can be observed here. One of the largest birds of the islands, approximately 12,000 couples nest on Espanola Island, and a smaller number nest on Silver Island, near mainland Ecuador. This species is considered endemic to this island; during our walk, we will observe these fantastic birds while taking in the beautiful landscapes offered by this island. It is important to note that albatrosses will not be seen between January and March (non-breeding) season. We will also see colonies of marine iguanas, zayapas, masked boobies, finches, Espanola caucuses, and seagulls unique to the islands. Our walk will be on lava rock where we will be able to see lava tubes. Red mangroves are found here.

Delicious snacks and fresh beverages are waiting for you on the ship. Lunch Gardner Bay: wet landing, activities for this visit: short walk, swimming, snorkeling, and observation of seal colony. The sea lion is one of the animals in Galapagos which gets the total attention of the visitors in the Galapagos: they are curious and playful, but at times aggressive; they are nice and loving, but also lazy. In Gardner Bay, we are going to find many of them relaxing on the beach enjoying the sun. In addition to observing these fascinating animals, while snorkeling, we will be able to swim with sea lions, sea turtles, a diversity of tropical fish, marine iguanas, etc. Dinner.

Day 10 Galapagos Cruise San Cristobal / Kicker Rock San Cristobal – Interpretation Center

This center is a shorebird location in the main port. After breakfast, our first visit is to the Interpretation Center of San Cristobal. This modern and sophisticated architectural space was designed for the natural interpretation of the Galapagos. You will learn about the volcanic formation of the islands, the evolution of the species, the history of human settlement, and complex systems and management models.

Lunch Page 12 of 19Kicker Rock: This is one of the most incredible rock formations at the Galapagos Islands, also known as Sleeping Lion; close to San Cristobal. (30 minutes of navigation approx.). You will find an immense number of birds (Frigates, Blue Footed Boobies, and Nazca Boobies, sea shorebirds, etc). Snorkeling will be one of the most important activities here, where to observe: manta rays, sea lions, sea turtles, sharks (like Hammerheads, Galapagos Shark, With-tip Reef sharks), among others. Lobos Islands:

Panga Riding, swimming, and snorkeling. Here, we can walk, swim and snorkel among the seals, frigates, marine iguanas, lava lizards, and the small endemic Galapagos snake. Here, we can swim and snorkeling shorebirds location in the same place. Dinner.

Day 11  Departure from the Galapagos Bachas Transfer Out 

This beautiful sandy white-coral beach is located in the north of Santa Cruz Island; the beach is one km long. The early colonists couldn’t pronounce barges correctly, so they called the area “Bachas”. It is considered one of the nesting sites for sea turtles. We can also observe, flamingos, seabirds, and white-cheeked pintail ducks. Transfer to the airport.

Tour included, 

  • Admission fees to attractions and performances  
  • Meals mentioned on the itinerary.
  • Local experts tour guides
  • All transfers 
  • Assistance 24/7 
  • All ground transportation 
  • Outstanding accommodations  
  • Cruises 
  • Domestic and international flight from Lima Peru to Guayaquil Ecuador 
  • Water.
  • Wet suit 

Machu Picchu and Galapagos Tours Excludes

  • Meals at your leisure not mentioned on the tour 
  • International flight from your home to Lima Peru and Ecuador to your home 
  • Most importantly, the entrance tickets are 100 dollars to Galapagos are a personal payment in cash once you arrive at the checkpoint at the Galapagos airport. Gratuities for the local experts, drivers, and transfers. 

This itinerary is subject to change without notice; due to seasonal changes, weather conditions, or Galapagos National Park regulations, once you book the tour we will have for you a detailed itinerary with all the recommendations for gratuities and what to bring, etc.  

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