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Sustainable tourism and Ecotourism

Sustainable tourism and Ecotourism 

Since the Tourism started to be the third main economy of Peru, it plays an Important role in the international development that creates jobs bringing a sustainable economy to the country with a big influence into the preservation of national treasures. At Qosqo Expeditions we are Part of the sustainable tourism bringing economy to the country by leading tours to all over Peru at the same time creating connections with the local communities in the Andes and the Amazon giving the chance to make their own economy based on their traditions and gastronomy, the Ecotourism is part of the projects that creates better care for the flora and fauna by traveling allows the intercultural exchange and encourages the empathy and understanding of people from all over the world, the main reason why we had created all our programs that makes you feel deeply part of the amazing culture with a positive impact for the local society and economy.

Consciously traveler 

The first time in a new country, besides the adventure you are going to be involved in, adding a new stamp to your passport is creating a positive impact to the locals spending your time exploring making new connections by being part of the traditions.  

Responsible Travel 

is about sharing and learning all about environmental care and culturally sensitive ways to practice tourism, creating empathy between the societies. All of these efforts will be in order to make a better world and better education that helps to preserve the flora and fauna at the same time making locals tied to their traditions. responsible Travel to Natural areas like Amazon and Machu Picchu every year we have more visitors coming and hiking all over the outdoors and definitely bringing economy to cause more than less impact. We compromise to give you the facilities to not bring plastic bottles and other items to take good care of the national parks. At Qosqo Expeditions we would love to help fellow travelers plan their dream vacation to South America causing a positive impact to every place you go on your day by day here we have some tips to ensure a positive impact to the locals. 

Resue to reduce 

When you buy your souvenirs, carry them in recycle bags or bring your own, plastic bags are not recommended anymore. That is why we recommend you to bring your own refilling water bottle. That is why we have at every place you are going relleing mineral water to make sure you get enough hydrated. 

Volunteer in Peru 

Big number of non profit organizations are working in Peru to help flora and fauna as well as communities. If you are looking for volunteer work you have many options at the same time you can live with locals learning the language.

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