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Peru Conjuncture
Published on: July 20, 2021 - By: Qosqo Expeditions

Peru Conjuncture

At Qosqo Expeditions we are concerned about the local conjuncture looking forward to the future of Peru we a new president arriving new hope to the health issues within the Covid 19 vaccines that are going to ensure the arrival of tourism with all the safety protocols today is confirm 100 % that we have a new President called José Pedro Castillo Terrones is a Peruvian schoolteacher, union leader, and politician. He attained prominence as a leading figure in the 2017 teacher strike in Peru.

Castillo is currently running for president in the 2021 general election as the left-wing Free Peru party candidate. now is time for Peru to look forward to new changes, of course, free of corruption with laws made to protect the Peruvians and look after the democracy and more opportunities for everyone. On the other hand, we already receiving more tourism from all over the world but with all the recommendations to travel safe also having to know that Peru has taken away all the travel conditions like quarantine 15 days after arrival to Peru is not more part of the restriction to come to Peru you just need your Covid – 19 CPR test prove 72 hours before you leave your home town, at your arrival to PÉRU just enjoy the wonders of the country Peru Travel restrictions are available at the USA embassy web site

For more details about health restrictions in PERU and the world get more details at at Qosqo Expeditions we will keep update with all the news about the local and the world conjuncture, safety travel to Peru. 

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