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Nazca and Paracas


Located 6 hours South of Lima, Peru upon the hill side of the Pacific Ocean in the Peruvian Desert there are different geoglyphs made in the soil of the Nazca Desert created around 500 B.C. by the ancient South Americans.During this time when the famous geoglyphs were created, religions centered around Mother Nature built temples that would withstand any season for human sacrifice. The geoglyphs are ancient designs all over the Nazca Desert that depict different images, the most well-known drawings are the spider, monkey, hummingbird, but they are just a few among the many geometric shapes, animals, plants, and line designs across the desert. It is commonly believed that these designs were depicted for the eyes of the God’s to see from above. These geoglyphs were discovered by Toribio Mejia, an archeologist in 1927 and later studied by Maria Reiche the Peruvian-German mathematician and archeologist who dedicated her life trying to understand the history of the ancient civilizations. The Nazca Lines became well known as air traffic increased in the area and they continue to gain more tourist attraction every year.

Located about an hour away from the Nazca Lines is Paracas, another attraction to enjoy alongside the Pacific Ocean where you can pick from a range from budget to luxury resorts to stay at. Join us for some fauna adventure activities on the Paracas reserve, a 6-hour tour along with seasonally optional diving tours where you have the chance to see sea lions and whales. Enjoy the amazing sunsets that Paracas offers as you enjoy some Peruvian sea food. Just outside of Paracas lies the town of Haucachina, a famous Oasis in the Ica desert that is known for producing Peru’s high-quality wine and famous Peruvian Pisco. Enjoy the popular activity of wine and pisco tasting while learning about the history of the local colonization and how they stared with the first and most important winery in South America, Tacama.


How to get to Nazca Lines from Lima

Nazca is located 260.8 miles south of Lima via Pan-Americana about a 6 and a half hour a drive from Lima. There are multiple transportation options, but the only terrestrial transportations offered are local bus companies for private transportation. We will suggest the best options possible for your group based on your reservation with our company. One of the main reasons we recommend staying overnight in Paracas and enjoying more of what that region offers is due to the long drive down from Lima, some may choose to stay multiple nights to explore more of Paracas along with the Nazca Lines and neighboring areas.



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