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♥ Peru and The Galapagos Islands → QOSQO Expeditions is a tour company based out of Cusco, Peru. Our agency offers safe and affordable tours of Peru and Ecuador. We pride ourselves on planning quality tours that are tailored to you. So don’t hesitate to send us a message! Go ahead and take the first step towards the trip of a lifetime in Peru and Ecuador. 

Peru is a country located in South America. It is home to a wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems. Peru is divided into three distinct regions: the Pacific coast, the Andes mountains, and the Amazon jungle. 

The coast is filled with beautiful beaches sprinkled along the Pacific ocean, and desert sand dunes that stretch for miles. The Andes are home to unique mountain “pueblos” or towns, deep canyons, and snow-capped mountains. The famous Amazon jungle also covers a large part of the country and is home to the world’s largest river and countless different species of wildlife.

Peru’s official language is Spanish, but there are also many other local dialects spoken throughout Peru.  Two of these local languages are Quechua and Aymara. They have been spoken throughout Peru since before the Spanish invaded in the 14th century so it’s important for Peruvian people to teach their children these languages so that they never disappear. 

Peru gastronomy

Peru’s gastronomy has become world-famous. The local markets throughout the country are a must-see. Even the smallest towns have their own local markets that serve traditional Peruvian dishes that are unique to each region. Visiting Peru is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you have to experience first hand. So what are you waiting for?! Machu Picchu ( the Lost City of the Incas)  awaits you here in the rich country of Peru. Reach out to us at QOSQO Expeditions, and come see what all the fuss is about!

QOSQO Expeditions have recently extended our tours beyond the borders of Peru to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.  The Galapagos is world-renowned due to the studies of Charles Darwin, who visited the islands in 1835. Today, it is one of the foremost destinations for viewing wildlife. The Galapagos has a high concentration of diverse plants and animal species unlike anywhere else in the world. 

We offer tours of Peru and the Galapagos Islands that are tailored to you. If you are ready for the trip of a lifetime, contact QOSQO Expeditions so we can work closely with you to plan your South American adventure.

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