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The Treasure of the Incas
Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking or participating in a tour with Qosqo Expeditions (the tour operator) you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.You acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older and have the authority to accept these terms. If you are booking for someone else, you are accepting these terms on their behalf.Your reservation is a special commitment for you as well as Qosqo Expeditions. Once your space is confirmed, other clients are turned away.

1. The Booking Contract

These terms and conditions will apply once your booking is confirmed and you have received a receipt from Qosqo Expeditions for the required deposit amount. If you are booking on behalf of others, you will be the official contact person or group organizer, and will be responsible for ensuring that all payments are made, and that all necessary information required of the participants is made available to Qosqo Expeditions. You must obtain all required consents from the participants at the time of booking. Qosqo Expeditions will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided.

2. Required Medical Information

If you or any of the participants have a medical condition that affects the ability to participate in the activities included in tour or travel to remote areas with no medical facilities, the participant must disclose those conditions to Qosqo Expeditions. In addition, a complete medical information form signed by a licensed and practicing physician must be submitted to Qosqo Expeditions prior to the time of final payment. Qosqo Expeditions reserves the right to refuse to allow someone to participate in the activities they believe the physical or mental condition endangers the safety of the participant and/or others. Failure to return a requested medical form by the deadline specified may result in the cancellation of your trip at the sole discretion of the tour operator. Applicable cancellation fees will apply.

3. Special Requirements

Any special requests must be made at the time of booking. Qosqo Expeditions will make reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests, but there is no guarantee. Special dietary requirements may not always be accommodated given the resources in the area of travel

4. Age Requirements

Any minors (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible the safety, well-being and behavior of the minor(s). They are responsible for all consents and documentation required during travel and trip activities.

5. Deposits

At the time of booking, a 50% per person per tour deposit is due to the tour operator. The payment in full is due at the time of booking for reservations made 60 days or less prior to the trip date.

6. Details required for booking

All information required by the Qosqo Expeditions must be made available by the date requested at the time of booking. Any costs incurred by the tour operator as a result of the participant’s failure to provide accurate information in a timely manner will be the participant’s sole responsibility.

7. Final Payment & Acceptance of Booking

Payment in full is due 60 day prior to the scheduled reservation date. If the final payment is not received in the stated timeframe the tour operator reserves the right to cancel the reservation and apply the deposit made as the cancellation fee. If the booking is made within 60 days of scheduled reservation date payment in full is required.

8. Cancellation by the Participants

In the event that you need to cancel your reservation please find the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation Policy:

This cancellation policy does not apply to Inca Trail tours. Please contact Qosqo expeditions to inquire about an Inca Trail booking. We encourage you to consider trip travel insurance which may protect you in the event you have to cancel your trip.

9. Cancellation of a Tour by the Tour Operator

If the tour operator cancels a tour due to unforeseen conditions out of their control, a substitute tour of equivalent value will be provided or a full refund for the tour will be issued if the tour operator is unable to provide the services. The tour operator is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses resulting from a cancellation, including flights, insurance, visas, vaccination, etc.

10. Travel Documents

It is the participant’s or group organizer’s responsibility to ensure all travelers in your group have the required documentation for entry and travel into and within the country or region of destination. Any costs incurred by the tour operator as a result of the participant’s negligence or omission of information will be the participant’s or group organizer’s responsibility.

11. Changes

Due to the unpredictable nature of adventure travel, you acknowledge that reasonable changes in the schedule, accommodations, activities or any other element of the itinerary.

12. Acceptance of Risk

Adventure travel carries potential risks to the health and safety of the participant. By agreeing to the terms and conditions the participant acknowledges that the tour operator will not be responsible for any loss, injuries or death as a result of traveling to foreign countries and remote regions with limited access to medical facilities and/or participating in the activities offered during the tour. The participant acknowledges that they have considered the potential risks, dangers and challenges, as well as their own personal capabilities and needs. The participant assumes the risks associated with travel under such conditions. All participants must obey all applicable laws and regulations in the countries or regions visited. Failure to comply may result in termination of their participation in the tour, without compensation for the missed portion of the tour or extra costs incurred, at the sole discretion of the tour operator. You as the participant are responsible for any costs incurred by the tour operator or their suppliers for property damage, destruction or theft while on tour as a result of your actions or omissions. The tour operator and their suppliers will not be held responsible for losses or damages as a result of the participants failure to comply to safety instructions and warnings. Any disruptive or harmful behavior will not be tolerated and may result in the termination of that persons participation in the tour, without compensation for the missed portion of the tour or extra costs incurred, at the sole discretion of the tour operator.

13. Liability

Components of the tour are provided by third-party suppliers, including accommodation providers, activity providers, airlines, cruise lines, coach companies, transfer operators, local guides, and other independent parties in compliance with the laws and regulation of the country in which they are based. Although great care in choosing such suppliers, Qosqo Expeditions is not liable and will not assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses resulting from the services of third-party suppliers or any party other than the tour operator and their employees. The tour operator is not liable for any damage to or loss of property, injury to or death of any persons as a result o the actions or omissions of third-party suppliers. The tour operator is not responsible for any loss, damage or death due to delay, cancellation, or disruption caused by the laws, regulations, acts or failures to act of any government, strikes, fire, flood, war, rebellion, terrorism, sickness, quarantine, epidemics, theft, or any other cause or unforeseen conditions beyond their control. You as the participant waive any claim against the tour operator for any such loss, damage, injury or death.


It is important to Qosqo Expeditions that customers can book and travel with confidence during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand that is can be hard to make concrete plans during this time and as a result we have made it so you can travel with a little more flexibility.

Date transfers will be offered at no extra charge up to 30 days prior to the scheduled trip date. In addition, the final balance and payment in full will not be due until 30 days prior to the reservation start date as opposed to 60 days prior to the trip date.

With Qosqo Expeditions you will be in good hands. We take health and safety protocols very seriously and we are committed to following the guidelines set fourth by the Peruvian government to during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about traveling to Peru during the current climate we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or concerns. We are happy to help and look forward to sharing our beautiful country with you!

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