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Published on: January 18, 2021 - By: Qosqo Expeditions


Peru’s rich history and beautiful landscapes have made it a renowned travel destination so much so, that this country has been branded the gastronomic capital of Latin America.

And this can be attributed in part to the cascading popularity of ceviche, one of the most delectable and famous Peruvian dishes.

This savory yet straightforward delicacy exploded into the world stage as an accessible meal that is nothing short of delicious. In its purest form, ceviche is made of raw fish, hot peppers, and lime juice with some chili.

Variations of this sumptuous dish can now be found in many coastal areas of Latin America, including Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia, but ceviche claims origin in Lima, Peru. While the source of this culinary delight is disputed, ceviche has its own National Day (June 28) in Peru—a testament that it’s one dish that locals and tourists alike love and celebrate.

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