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Qosqo Expeditions - Tours in Perú - Cusco and Machu Picchu

At Qosqo Expeditions we enable adventurous spirits to see, explore, and appreciate the unique culture of Cusco, Perúand beyond. We provide tours that make people appreciate this destination in a way that promotes sustainability and respect for the local people, wildlife, and traditions. Trading a traditional “tourist” experience for one that takes the traveler to a higher level of cultural immersion, understanding, and wonder.

QOSQOEXPEDITIONS offers activities for all types of travelers, with the greatest diversity offered by Peru , tours to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the city in the form of a cougar Cusco among others.

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Qosqo Expeditions - Tours in Perú

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Perú has it all is a country in South America that is home to a section of tropical Destinations such as the Amazon jungle and Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca City high in the Andes Mountains.”

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Peru has it all !! if you are looking to experience the Amazon Jungle, the desert with beautiful beaches and the snow Mountains of the Andean cordilleras come to PERU.

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“When challenged with creating amazing extraordinary, engaging and memorable journeys all of our travelers count on the expertise of Qosqo expeditions we tailor make all of your travel ideas to make your vacation of a lifetime experience.”

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“Our itineraries are specially crafted by adventure travelers, expedition leaders, and experts in Peruvian history and culture.Our commitment to flawless service, authentic experiences, and affordable luxury is incomparable.”

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We know from experience that exceptional service and personal touches are essential to your unforgettable Peruvian adventure. Let us treat you to Peru’s finest.

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We’re with you every step of the way to ensure that your adventure perfectly fits your unique needs and interests. Trust our experts to take care of all the details.

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We provide the most luxurious hotels, dining experiences and service at a fraction of the price - and with a commitment to protect our planet. Let us pamper you

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We provide the most luxurious hotels, dining experiences and service at a fraction of the price - and with a commitment to protect our planet. Let us pamper you

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tips to ensure your safe trip to Perú

“Peru, in general, is a safe country to visit, always be careful with your belongings in each place if you are thinking of traveling on your own, we have 8 tips for your safe trip and enjoy the wonder that PERU offers”

All bout Jewelry is recommended to leave at home even if you bring every hotel had a safety box to keep them you outdoors when you are walking around with your devices always be careful don’t get too distracted keep them in your front pockets especially from pickpockets, when you arrive at PERU all the districts are divided according to the history always downtown is very safe to explore so don’t get panic when you are in Peru to explore all you can.

when you are touring always distracted the cars can be annoying they horn all the time especially when you are in the big cities they don’t stop for people unless the stoplight is in red so people can walk along.

when you travel into the country is easy to get information on how to get around but always make sure you get a reliable company that doesn’t stop on the way to your destiny, for example, travel tour from Lima to Cusco the nonreliable buses or cheap bus companies they stop on the way to get more people there were cases when they got people they were criminals kidnapping the bus to rob every passenger from the bus, that is why make sure you get a good bus company like Cruz del Sur, Civa, Oltursa Etc. are very reputable companies.

Peru most number of people are Spanish spoken within the native Inca language Quechua and some number of people who work with tourists can speak English that why we recommended learning some basic words in Spanish just to make sure how to get around and how to order things mostly easy to remember is how to get a beer, anyways enjoy your Spanish lessons before your trip to Peru.

Travel safely to PERU with all those recommendations, you’ll be able to stay safe while you visit or backpack around Peru! Furthermore, frequent questions are usually asked by travelers! here is the answer.

Solo travel is pretty common in Peru, and you’ll often find plenty of other solo backpackers to spend time with, so it’s unlikely you’ll be alone that much.

Bus travel and being out after dark anywhere is safer in a group, but in general, solo travel in Peru is no more dangerous than traveling with friends or a partner.

Remember, too, to avoid really standing out and looking like a tourist. Don’t dress in fancy clothes, don’t wave your expensive gadgets around, and if you get lost, don’t stand there staring at a map. Basically, avoid sticking out like a sore thumb, and you’ll immediately reduce the chance of a petty thief deciding you’re their next victim.

It’s not particularly more unsafe for the female travelers in Peru, though you might be the victim of some unwanted attention, mostly in the form of Avoid when a woman is traveling alone especially at night going to bars are not safe to make sure you go with friends or even if you go alone make sure you do not accept a drink from and extranger unless you got friends to go with.

traveling by bus at night is it safe just make sure you got reputable companies tour buses and ask always if they ever stop on the way to get more people that are not safe at all because they may get robbers that kidnaps the bus to rob everything from passengers.

Taxis are relatively safe, but you’ll want to make sure that you only use authorized taxis and that you know the rate in advance. If you need a taxi, have your hostel or hotel call one for you and find out what the rate is in advance. Make sure you agree on the fare with the driver in advance, as taxis don’t use meters so it’s easy to get overcharged if you’re not paying attention.

Try to avoid riding alone at night, especially if you’re a solo female traveler.

Peru is an amazing destination no matter what your interests, with a fascinating culture, welcoming people, and amazing landscapes and historical sights. I think everyone should check these out for themselves!

You do need to be cautious about your personal safety, however. The most common issues travelers face there are petty theft and pickpocketing, but by exercising a bit of extra vigilance and common sense, you can protect yourself against much of this. If you also make sure you’re not carrying valuables in an obvious way and don’t have large sums of cash in one place, the risks of having significant losses are really low.

Peru is a relatively safe country to visit, and the amazing attractions will definitely make your trip worthwhile!

when you are in crowded places like local markets or festivals some times they use the distraction like trying to take your attention while someone else is taking your belongings they are usually quiet most of the time you don’t even feel what was taken from you.

When you are in Peru traveling by yourself is easy because you have all the information on how to get city to city but to get a taxi in the big cities like LIMA is not safe because at night there is more crime to kidnap and get rob of your belongings or just simply be overcharge, that is why make sure you get an Uber or get recommended taxi always or travel with company.

Peru is one of the big producers of cocaine in the world there are always temptations especially on the streets when someone comes to offer you cocaine don’t get any drugs because there are policeman always aware of those illegal activities if you get caught there will be jail from 24 hours to 15 days during the investigations before they find people guilty it’s not worth the risk just be smart and don’t get involved with drug dealers.

When you buy travel insurance you are having extra security if anything arises during your vacations that is why we do recommend getting it before your vacations start to safe time and get the best ones on the market to the travel insurance should cover all your belongings and of course, the health issues too like medicine any medical issues that cover will help your Travel safe to Peru.

Machu Picchu is such a common tourist destination that you’ll most likely be safer here than any other part of Peru. Chances are you’ll be hiking with a group or in a crowd, so pickpockets and other petty thieves are unlikely to be around. It’s much more important to be vigilant in cities like Lima or Cusco.

To get on every Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu you need to make sure you are acclimated and get basic resources like enough water and rain gear in case it rains plus extra cash in Peruvian soles in case you need to buy extras on the way. But if you start to feel sick you may like to stay few more days in Cusco just to get acclimated.

Sure when you hike or tour around make sure you get a licensed tour operator or a licensed tour guide otherways you get lost on the way or get overcharged for not a good service most are getting problems on recognizing tour operators that is why make sure they have a trip advisor and good reputation of exelence service.

Take your kids to Peru it is very safe most part of the trips there are activities they can experience. Family and children are very important in the Peruvian culture, so you and your kids will be made to feel very welcome.

Tap water is common in the country every house or hotel had indoor plumbing is common but is totally recommended to boil every water you are using it may be safe for Peruvians because the yare use to drink but it mostly had a high amount of chemicals to get it cleaner, so make sure you boil water at list 15 minutes before you use or get bottled water even to brush your tooth additionally you can bring your own reusable water bottle to avoid using plastic and use water filter too, there are many options to get around and be safe from everything.

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