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Experience the luxury of personalized travel in peru

Qosqo Expeditions is a local company that was established in early 2008 and opened by two good friends that been working in the tourism industry for several years, so we understand what personal experiences are all about. As a local luxury travel company, we care about nature and making responsible decisions regarding the environment.

Our private tours reveal the places we are most passionate about, the places that we call home. We are proud ambassadors of customized luxury Peruvian tours, that provide enriching experiences of our diverse cultures and beautiful geography.

Find your travel style with qosqo expeditions

Why qosqo expeditions

We are travel agency with based in Cusco, Peru. We pride ourselves on providing adventures for our guests that bring our rich culture and ancestral traditions to life. Our tours are unique and highly personalized experiences. We’re a team of experienced guides and local experts, each with over a decade of experience. Let us show you the heart and soul of this beautiful country we call home.


Our itineraries are specially crafted by adventure travelers, expedition leaders, and experts in Peruvian history and culture.Our commitment to flawless service, authentic experiences, and affordable luxury is incomparable.

Flawless service

We know from experience that exceptional service and personal touches are essential to your unforgettable Peruvian adventure. Let us treat you to Peru’s finest.

Customized to you

We’re with you every step of the way to ensure that your adventure perfectly fits your unique needs and interests. Trust our experts to take care of all the details.

Responsible luxury

We provide the most luxurious hotels, dining experiences and service at a fraction of the price - and with a commitment to protect our planet. Let us pamper you